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Næringslivsarrangementet An Ocean of Opportunities

Næringsministerens innlegg på arrangementet An Ocean of Opportunities i Shanghai. Talen ble holdt 18. oktober ved Plenary Hall, cruiseterminalen.

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Your Majesties,


Dear friends of the oceans,

Life began with the oceans. These masses of water that cover nearly three-quarters of our planet. The oceans are vital for life on earth. They provide us with oxygen, food and medicines. They temper the climate and produce cleaner energy.


On top of that, they give us endless pleasure.

The oceans make life on earth possible. We should treat the oceans well and take good care of them. As if they were our lifeblood.


Because there is simply no life without them.


However, the sustainability of our oceans is being threatened. Climate change, pollution and marine litter are threatening our environment, ecosystems and food sources.


Since I started speaking, just a couple of minutes ago, a further 200 tonnes of plastic has leaked into the oceans.

We have to combat illegal fishing, plastic pollution and climate change.

At the same time, we need to provide healthy food, clean energy, transport, and jobs for a growing world population.


Dealing with these problems should be a global priority. We need to take action. And we need to take action right now.


The policies for development and business have to work together, hand-in-hand. There is no way we can reach our goals without including the business community.


Norway will dig deep to contribute. And I know China will too.

Because our two nations have a strong connection to the oceans.

They have constantly encouraged us to meet new challenges.


Without surrender.


It is time for us to combine the experience and knowledge we have both gained throughout history to find new solutions. And to create an international understanding for more sustainable use of the oceans.



Responsible use of the oceans is the best way to solve these challenges.

We can use the ocean even smarter than we do today.


That is why the Norwegian Government has launched an ambitious ocean strategy.


It stretches from green technology, digital solutions and innovative use of marine resources to international diplomacy and the fight against overfishing.


We show international leadership in protecting and facilitating sustainable growth through responsible management and use of resources.


The success of our strategy will depend on our continued ability to combine our historic knowledge with innovation and research.


As we are moving forward, we have to make sure we are moving in the right direction.  A greener direction.


So that our planet remains blue.


The maritime industry is part of the solution.

We need cleaner ships, greener fuels, more energy efficient shipping infrastructures and smarter operations.


Today, the Norwegian maritime sector is among the most innovative in the world.  And China is both the most important shipbuilding nation of Norwegian vessels and one of our most important business partners for maritime services. We are making great efforts to create jobs, growth, and new solutions to global challenges. Together.


The panel this morning will bring together ideas from our two nations and set the frame for our discussion throughout the day – on green shipping, seafood, marine pollution, energy, startups and the Arctic.


Dear friends,

There is not a lot we know about the future. But, one thing is for sure:

The ocean will remain our fortune and our destiny.


An important source for the economy, our health, security and most importantly of all:  Our existence.


As the famous French ocean explorer, Jacques Cousteau said:

“The sea, the great unifier, is man’s only hope.

Now, as never before, the old phrase has a literal meaning:

We are all in the same boat.”

Let us continue to create solutions to global challenges.

Let us head into the future. Together.  For mankind.


Thank you for your attention.

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