Ship of the year 2014

Innlegg statssekretær Dilek Ayhan, 10.september 2014, Hamburg

Ladies and gentlemen!

Dear friends!

On behalf of the Norwegian government it is a pleasure to be here with you to celebrate and honor the Ship of the Year 2014.

Though predicting the future is a difficult task, there is something we can be sure of:

  • Climate and environmental challenges requires that we have an environmental perspective in business and industrial development.
  • And: As technological advances will continue to go faster and faster, the need for knowledge and innovations increases.

The maritime industry is no exception to these changes.

I believe that in handling the future challenges and environmental demands for shipping – we must embrace new technologies and our ability and willingness to change.

However, this responsibility should not rest on the industry alone. Governments also have their share of responsibility. That is why sustainable shipping for the future will be one of the main pillars of our maritime strategy, which we will launch this spring.


Innovation and environmentally friendly solutions are also main characteristics of Skipsrevyen’s Ship of the Year award for 2014, and yet another manifestation of a highly technology driven Norwegian maritime cluster.

This year’s Ship of the Year winner is still under construction at the building yard with a demanding owner awaiting her delivery late October. And by saying that this electrically powered ferry is developed for submission to a competition organized by Norway’s Ministry of Transport, a lot of you here in the audience will nod with respect to the Jury’s decision.

Also Norway’s domestic ferry industry is driven by pioneers. And the company in question won a ten years contract to operate an attractive ferry route in western Norway by thinking Smart, Clean and Silent.

The solution chosen is a battery powered ferry capable of transporting 120 cars and 360 passengers safely, silently and sustainably on a busy and beautiful fjord crossing. This year’s winner, a large 80 meters long and battery powered car ferry, is considerably cheaper to run than diesel equivalents. She takes her power from the hydroelectric electricity grid and, secondly, uses less energy than comparable vessels.

One reason for this is her novel weight-saving design. Despite her ten tonnes batteries and 120 cars and 360 passenger capacities, she is only half as heavy as a conventional ferry. A further energy-reducing initiative is the propulsion system with two azimuth thrusters driven by electric motors.

All in all a thrill for any engineer and a pleasure for her passengers and the environment!

The Ship of the Year 2014 is the ZeroCat 120 built and designed by Norwegian yard Fjellstrand for the Norwegian Owner Norled!!

I am happy to invite the Managing Director of Norled Mr Ivan Fossan and Norled’s Technical Director Sigvald Breivik together with Mr Edmund Tolo representing Fjellstrand Design and Mr Ivar Gaute Kolltveit, Managing Director of Fjellstrand, to step forward and receive the prestigious Ship of the Year 2014 awards.

I will encourage you all to travel to Western Norway and experience our nature, hospitality and the floating pride of our fjords; the ZeroCat 120!

Thank you!