Innlegg på konferanse om situasjonen i Somalia

Statssekretær Tone Skogens innlegg på London-konferansen om Somalia.

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Ladies and gentlemen,

Exclusion and mistrust are still pressing challenges in Somalia that must be properly addressed in the process towards peace, greater security and development. The recent political process that led to the election of the Parliament and the President was a step in the right direction, but we need to see a significantly improved process in the lead-up to the next elections in 2021.

Norway strongly believes that an inclusive political dialogue is an integral part of a broad approach to reconciliation and security. Agreements reached without the necessary participation and ownership will not be sustainable.

Developing effective, transparent and accountable governance structures that are able to deliver services and improve the daily lives of the Somali population is key to building trust in the Government. Norway will continue to work closely with the Federal Government, federal member states and local trade and industry to promote relevant, sustainable and visible efforts to advance peace, stability and development.

We are encouraged by the commitments made by the Federal Government to give priority to security, inclusive politics, economic recovery and reconciliation. These areas are closely linked, and the aim should be to make the efforts in the various areas mutually reinforcing.

Norway welcomes strong Somali leadership in implementing and coordinating these priorities. In particular, we are counting on the Federal Government to make progress on increasing government income, broadening tax bases and fighting corruption.

Norway is convinced that the next four years will provide an opportunity for significant progress in Somalia, and we are committed to continuing our support of the Somali people and their Government.


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