State Secretary Vad Petersson’s statement at Ukraine Recovery Conference

State Secretary Eivind Vad Petersson's statement at Ukraine Recovery Conference in Berlin, June 11, 2024.

Excellencies, dear Ukrainians and friends of Ukraine

Norway attends the 7th URC to say: We will continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with Ukrainians, until the Russian aggression has come to an end. We have a 5-year military and civilian support programme, and a 10-year agreement on security assurances. And an eternal commitment to respect the UN Charter and to uphold international law.

The Government of Ukraine and its people continue to impress people across the world with their courage and creativity – to protect their people, nation and existence, from full-scale Russian aggression.

This comes with a cost. Lives cannot be replaced, but the economy can be supported.

Norway will continue to provide significant budget support. Most of our aid goes through the World Bank for this purpose.

The private sector is key and must grow stronger That is why, we have joined the Small and Medium-Sized Businesses Alliance. Norway will step up various efforts to facilitate Norwegian private sector engagement in Ukraine. A broad range of Norwegian companies are to be seen at the business fair, including the awarded flagship company Itera.

Russia’s massive attack on the energy sector must be responded to. In addition to providing air defence and other military support, Norway will substantially increase our efforts towards the energy sector – including quick impact projects. Time is of the essence. Winter will be coming again soon.

Together, we must also do more to support Ukraine’s important role in global food security. Mine action is key. Farmers must be able to do their job safely. We urgently need more innovation, funding and international support, in order to scale up demining. Also here, the private sector is instrumental.

Norway supports humanitarian, and human rights organizations, some who are present here in Berlin. We have a dedicated multi-year funding programme to support Ukrainian civil society.

We have joined the Skills Alliance, and the Alliance for a Gender-Responsive Recovery. We look forward to continue working with Ukrainian and international partners on a broad range of issues.

Excellencies, partners, friends

We are facing the biggest security crisis in Europe since the Second World War. Testimonies from Ukrainians in occupied areas leave no doubt of the cruelty of the Russian occupation.

As much as I worry about the Russian aggression, I am encouraged by the continued commitment from Ukraine’s many allies in support of Ukrainian bravery.

We are in this together. I thank Ukraine and Germany for bringing us together in Berlin, to urge us to do more.

We must, and will, do more.

Thank you.