Minister of International Development Anne Beathe Kristiansen Tvinnereim's statement on Gaza

Statement held by minister Tvinnereim at humanitarian conference for Gaza in Jordan, June 11, 2024.

Your majesty, excellencies, 

I would like to recognize the contributions of the organisers Jordan, Egypt and the UN, as well as the efforts of countries in the region and beyond to alleviate suffering in Gaza.  

Let me also congratulate His Majesty King Abdullah II on the Silver Jubilee.   

This crisis is not caused by a lack of will to provide humanitarian assistance.  It is caused by parties to conflict unwilling to adequately protect civilians from the violence they unleash. It is caused by parties unwilling to let civilians access what they need to survive. International Humanitarian Law is crystal clear: It is a non-negotiable obligation of all parties to conflict to ensure that the basic needs of civilians are met. Not after conflict ends, but while hostilities rage.    

Bombed and starved for eight months. And with nowhere safe to flee. Hostages still in captivity. Relentless mental harm. Hundreds of health and humanitarian workers killed, including almost 200 UN staff. It is a growing stain on our collective conscience.  

Humanitarians must be allowed to do their jobs safely. Chief among them, UNRWA, must be allowed to focus on its core mandate and be given the financial resources to help the people of Gaza. Thankfully most donors have resumed contributions, but funding is still completely inadequate.        

Norway is planning to provide one billion NOK in humanitarian funding for Palestine in 2024. 

We support the UN's unique role in coordinating the response in Gaza, making sure that every dollar that is committed to support the population is put to the best use. 

Let med also emphasize that UN Security Council resolution 1325 obliges us to pay particular attention to the unique needs of women and girls in situations of conflict. 

Norway strongly supports the UN Security Council’s call last night for a ceasefire. 

Civilians in Palestine and Israel desperately need a lasting ceasefire and the release of hostages. And further ahead a political solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Norway’s recognition of Palestine on 28 May aims at giving new momentum to the two-state solution.   

International support to Palestine should strengthen legitimate and moderate forces. The PA has to be included both in current humanitarian and later reconstruction efforts. We must support bringing about one Palestinian government in charge of all of Palestine, both Gaza and the West Bank.  

Thank you.