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Tasting the ocean

Næringsministerens tale under sjømatmiddagen "Tasting the ocean", ved Shanghai Port International Cruise Terminal, 18. oktober.

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Your Majesties,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Dear seafood friends,


It is my honour to welcome you to this Norwegian seafood dinner "Tasting the ocean".


First, I would like to thank The Norwegian Seafood Council and Innovation Norway for giving us the opportunity to meet again. This time over exquisite Norwegian seafood. Made by some of our very best Chefs, exclusively flown in from Norway. So, we are in the best hands tonight.

I would also like to express my gratitude for the wonderful days we have spent here in China. With Ocean Day today as the grand finale.

Believe me, we have enjoyed every moment.


All of us present here tonight have been fortunate enough to participate in a special day today. A day dedicated to discussing the Ocean in its various forms. Productive dialogue around new business ventures, and ways in which we can further develop relations between Norway and China, represent new optimism and new opportunities.


And most important of all: These days have given us renewed hope for the future of our most precious treasure of all: The oceans.



 But first, let me remind us all that one of the greatest challenges the world faces today is to secure enough healthy food. Again, we have to look to the oceans. Marine resources play a crucial role in providing food for a growing world population.


That is why we must take good care of the oceans and make sure to use these marine resources sustainably. 


Norway and China have a particular obligation, in this regard. 

As two of the world's leading seafood nations, we have to work even closer and harder to make this a global responsibility and to provide the world with even more sustainable seafood.


I believe today's discussions around this topic were very fruitful.

And I am sure that most of you here tonight will use the opportunity to strengthen existing ties and establish new friendships.

Now it is time to taste and enjoy some of the treasures of the ocean.


Allow me to propose a toast to the Chinese-Norwegian partnership.
Gan bei![1]


Let me now introduce the chair of the Norwegian Seafood Council, Marianne Johnsen, and the Norwegian Chef, Gunnar Hvarnes, who will present tonight's menu.


[1] betyr "skål" på norsk", eller rettere sagt "bottoms up", altså forventes det at glasset skal være tomt etter at skålen er gjennomført

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