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Troika-uttalelse om Sudan august 2019

Medlemmene av den såkalte troikaen (Norge, Storbritannia og USA) har kommet med en felles uttalelse om Sudan.

Les hele uttalelsen her:

Troika Statement on the Appointment of Dr. Abdalla Hamdok as Prime Minister of Sudan

The Troika countries (United Kingdom, United States and Norway) congratulate Dr. Abdalla Hamdok on his appointment as prime minister and we welcome this step in creating a civilian-led government. As Prime Minister Hamdok begins the process of selecting ministers and identifying the government’s priorities, we look forward to working with Sudan’s new institutions.

At this historic moment, Sudan has a unique opportunity to establish peace within its borders, form a constitution that enshrines human rights protections and empowers all Sudanese, including women and youth, and create the infrastructure for free and fair elections. We encourage all sides to engage in good faith to deliver these goals.

We will continue to support Sudan’s civilian-led transitional government as it conducts an investigation of the violence perpetrated against peaceful demonstrators and holds those responsible to account.

The appointment of a civilian-led government presents an opportunity to rebuild a stable economy and create a government that respects human rights and personal freedoms. Prime Minister Hamdok will have the Troika’s support in achieving these objectives.

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