Troikaen uttrykker dyp skuffelse over lederne i Sør-Sudan etter manglende fredsavtale

Dette innholdet er mer enn 6 år gammelt. Informasjonen kan derfor være utdatert.

Troikaen (Storbritannia, USA og Norge) er dypt skuffet etter at Sør-Sudans ledere ikke greide å komme fram til en omfattende fredsavtale i de siste samtalene.

Les hele uttalelsen her:

The Troika (the United Kingdom, the United States and Norway) are profoundly disappointed by South Sudan’s leaders’ failure to reach a comprehensive peace deal at recent talks.

After the last round of Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD)-led peace talks ended in only a partial agreement, the Troika expresses its disappointment that South Sudan’s leaders failed to achieve significant progress toward a peace agreement.

Over a year since the conflict began millions remain displaced, thousands are dead and the country is in ruins despite the commendable efforts of IGAD and its mediation team to achieve a peace agreement.  Ignoring the untold suffering of the South Sudanese people, their leaders refused to make the necessary compromises to reach a peace agreement for the people of South Sudan who deserve and expect nothing less.    We call on the parties to fully respect the Cessation of Hostilities agreement of January 23, 2014, and avoid all further violence.  We urge the parties return to negotiations on 19 February prepared to compromise to achieve a peace agreement by March 5 and form a transitional government by July 1, 2015. 

The Troika believes that the publication of the Commission of Inquiry’s findings and its recommendations on accountability are necessary to ensure that such violence against civilians cannot be undertaken with impunity.  The people of South Sudan and in particular the victims deserve no less, and it will in the long run enable greater accountability and give rise to more robust political stability.