Invitation to register for participation in the auction for two licences in the Norwegian 900 MHz frequency band

Invitation to register for participation in the auction for two licences in the Norwegian 900 MHz frequency band

1) Background

Telenor ASA (“Telenor”) and NetCom AS (“NetCom”) are currently the holders of the following licences in the 900-Mhz band: 894.5-904.1/939.5-949.1 MHz and 904.3-913.9/949.3-958.9 MHz respectively. These licences expire on 1 November 2005. According to the Norwegian frequency plan the scheduled utilization of the said frequencies is mobile services based on the GSM standard.

The Royal Ministry of Transport and Communications (“The Ministry”) has in its letter of 12 November 2004 offered to award Telenor and NetCom new licences in the same frequency bands as the current licences. This offer is though made conditional;

  • There will be a one off fee of 100 million NOK per licence in addition to an annual frequency fee of 9.6 million NOK.
  • If there are interested parties other than Telenor and NetCom, the licences for the forthcoming twelve years will be auctioned at a reserve price of 100 million NOK.

The Ministry would therefore like to invite interested parties, other than Telenor and NetCom, to register for participation in an auction for rights of use of frequencies in the 894.4-904.2/939.4-949.2 MHz-band or the 904.2-913.9/949.2-958.9 MHz band. Telenor and NetCom are also obliged to register for participation within one week after notification from the Ministry.

2) Registration for participation in the auction

It is required that interested parties register with the Ministry in order to participate in the auction. Any person or company can register as a Bidder. If the persons or companies are affiliated in such a way that they are considered to be a single unit according to Art 53(1) of the EEA Agreement, only one of them can register.

The registration shall be completed in Norwegian and consists of the following three documents;

  1. Registration form
  2. Guarantee
  3. I nformation about the bidder

The deadline for registration is fixed at Monday, 22 April 2005at 15.00 (Norway time). The parties wishing to register as a Bidder in the auction are responsible for the completion and timeliness of the registration. The deadline is final and will be enforced without exception.

The documents shall be originals and delivered to The Ministry in a sealed envelope labelled “Registration 900 MHz Auction”.

Please contact one of the following representatives from the Ministry for appointment to deliver the documents:

The Bidder is responsible for delivering the documents in due time. A written receipt will be given as confirmation of receiving the documents.

3) Conclusion

The Ministry will publish the auction rules and procedures – including auction design – after the registration process is completed.

All inquiries regarding the registration shall be directed – in Norwegian or English – to The Ministry per e-mail at the following address:

According to the Act on Electronic Communications (“Ecom Act”) Art 9-4, the authorisation (licence) process concerning the rights of use cannot exceed eight months. Thus, the auction and allocation of the licences must be completed by 1 Aug 2005.

In case of any discrepancy between the Norwegian registration documents and the corresponding English ones, the Norwegian wording takes precedence over the English wording.

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