Historisk arkiv

Kjell Magne Bondevik's second government succeeds Jens Stoltenberg's government

Historisk arkiv

Publisert under: Regjeringen Bondevik II

Utgiver: Statsministerens kontor

Press release

No.: 201/2001
Date: 19 October 2001

Kjell Magne Bondevik’s second government
succeeds Jens Stoltenberg’s government

Following the resignation submitted by Jens Stoltenberg’s government in the extraordinary session of the Council of State on 17 October, the King in the Council’s session at 10 am today accepted the resignation as of noon today. At the same time, the King appointed Kjell Magne Bondevik’s second government to take over at noon today.

As of noon today the King also accepted the resignations of the state secretaries appointed under Mr. Stoltenberg’s government, while the resignations of the outgoing government’s political advisors were accepted by the Office of the Prime Minister, also as of noon today.

I an extraordinary session of the Council of State at noon today, where Mr. Bondevik’s already appointed government will meet for the first time, the King will decide the distribution of ministries in the new government. Also, a number of state secretaries will be appointed.

The new government is a minority government representing the Christian Democratic Party (Chr.), the Conservative Party (C) and the Liberal Party (Lib.). It has the following members:


Prime Minister:
Mr. Kjell Magne Bondevik (54), Member of Parliament, Molde (Chr.)

Minister of Foreign Affairs:
Mr. Jan Petersen (55), Member of Parliament, Oppegård (C)

Minister of Finance:
Mr. Per-Kristian Foss (51), Member of Parliament, Oslo (C)

Minister of Church and Culture:
Ms. Valgerd Svarstad Haugland (45), Member of Parliament, Asker (Chr.)

Minister of Agriculture:
Mr. Lars Sponheim (44), Member of Parliament, Ulvik (Lib.)

Minister of Justice and the Police:
Mr. Odd Einar Dørum (58), Member of Parliament, Oslo (Lib.)

Minister of Health:
Mr. Dagfinn Høybråten (43), national insurance director, Nesodden (Chr.)

Minister of International Development:
Ms. Hilde Frafjord Johnson (38), cand. polit., Oslo (Chr.)

Minister of Petroleum and Energy:
Mr. Einar Steensnæs (58), Member of Parliament, Haugesund (Chr.)

Minister of Children and Family Affairs:
Ms. Laila Dåvøy (53), manager, Askøy (Chr.)

Minister of Education and Research:
Ms. Kristin Clemet (44), vice president, Oslo (C)

Minister of Fisheries:
Mr. Svein Ludvigsen (55), bank director, Tromsø (C)

Minister of Labour and Government Administration:
Mr. Victor Danielsen Norman (55), principal, Bergen (C)

Minister of Social Affairs:
Ms. Ingjerd Schou (46), Member of Parliament, Spydeberg (C)

Minister of Trade and Industry:
Mr. Ansgar Gabrielsen (46), Member of Parliament, Lindesnes (C)

Minister of Transport and Communications:
Ms. Torild Skogsholm (42), director, Oslo (Lib.)

Minister of Local Government and Regional Development:
Ms. Erna Solberg (40), Member of Parliament, Bergen (C)

Minister of Defence:
Ms. Kristin Krohn Devold (40), Member of Parliament, Oslo (C)

Minister of the Environment:
Mr. Børge Brende (36), Member of Parliament, Trondheim (C)