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Norges innlegg i Sikkerhetsrådet

Historisk arkiv

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Utgiver: Utenriksdepartementet

Ambassadør Ole Peter Kolby 11. mars 2003

- Det er viktig å sette en klar tidsfrist og kriterier for Iraks oppfølgning av resolusjon 1441. Men det er positivt at Irak nå samarbeider mer aktivt, og det har vært en viss framgang i inspeksjonene, sa FN-ambassadør Ole Peter Kolby da han holdt det norske innlegget under det åpne møtet om Irak i Sikkerhetsrådet. - Det er fortsatt håp om en fredelig avvæpning av Irak, understreket han. (12.03.03)

Ambassador Ole Petter Kolby

Statement by Norway in the UN Security Council

New York, 11 March 2003

Mr. President,

Dr. Blix and Dr. El Baradei have again presented a thorough and detailed report of the work of the weapons inspectors and their findings.

It is positive that Iraq is now cooperating more actively and that there has been some progress in the inspections. The destruction of the al-Samoud II missiles is encouraging. This progress is a result of a united and firm stand by the international community. It confirms that the pressure on Iraq must be maintained.

We deeply regret, however, that Iraq has not been cooperating with the inspectors as required by resolution 1441. The Iraqi cooperation with UNMOVIC and IAEA has not been immediate, unconditional and active. The inspectors have not received the information necessary to draw conclusions about Iraqi possession of weapons of mass destruction.

In this situation the inspections should continue, as long as they can produce meaningful and concrete results. At the same time it is important to set a time limit and clear criteria for Iraq to comply with resolution 1441. The inspections cannot go on indefinitely. The time limit must be short and precise, but achievable.

There is still a possibility to achieve peaceful disarmament of Iraq. This is what Norway will continue to work for. Much is at stake. The onus is now on Iraq. This is the last opportunity to reach a peaceful outcome. Iraq must not miss this opportunity.

We know that the United Nations organisations are preparing for a possible humanitarian crisis in Iraq in the event of a military conflict. Norway stands ready to fully contribute to these efforts. In such humanitarian operations the UN must be given a leading and coordinating role.

Mr. President,

In the present situation it is essential that the Security Council stands united in its efforts to disarm Iraq of its weapons of mass destruction. We urge all members of the Council to stand up to their responsibility. This is crucial for the role of this Council, for the people of Iraq and for the maintenance of international peace and security.