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COP21: Reducing methane emissions is crucial

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Utgiver: Klima- og miljødepartementet

Innlegg holdt av politisk rådgiver Jens Frølich Holte på høynivåmøtet i CCAC (The Climate and Clean Air Coalition), Le Bourget, Paris, 8. desember, 2015 (sjekkes mot framføring).

Dear colleagues, dear friends 

We should be proud of what our Coalition has accomplished in only a few years. It has grown in terms of members, initiatives and not at least --  impact.

It is timely that we are gathered during COP21. This Coalition is an important contribution to the pre-2020 mitigation ambitions and the Lima-Paris Action Agenda. 

Now, having adopted a strategic plan for the next five years work -- together with tools for measuring the impact of our shared efforts -- CCAC's contributions will be further strengthened.

 The center of our work is concrete initiatives on the ground, with a transformative effect. We need to increase our ability to support these efforts. 

I am therefore happy to announce that Norway in 2015 and 2016 will contribute with a total of 1,8 million dollars to the CCAC Trust Fund. 

National actions on the basis of new knowledge is crucial. A week ago the Norwegian Environment Agency launched a new assessment. 

It identifies opportunities for co-benefits related to greenhouse gas mitigation options in our country. 

It proves that several actions targeting long-term climate effects also have benefits for short-term climate effects and health. 

It is our ambition to make use of these new findings in a transformative way in our development cooperation. 

This will be particularly important in relation to large cities, where the links between climate change, clean air, health and development are obvious.   

Let me conclude by saying that reducing methane emissions is crucial in order to limit global warming to two degrees. 

Norway will continue our engagement in the Oil and Gas Methane Partnership.

Thank you!