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Norges hovedinnlegg under klimaforhandlingene i Bonn

Historisk arkiv

Publisert under: Regjeringen Solberg

Utgiver: Klima- og miljødepartementet

Holdt av klima- og miljøminister Vidar Helgesen, 16. november 2017

Mr. President, Heads of States and Governments, Indigenous
Peoples delegations, Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen.

We must make the Paris Agreement operational. Without guidance,
the agreement will be much weaker than it must be.

The UNEP Gap report confirms that we are lagging behind.
Without increased ambitions by 2020, the goals of the Paris
Agreement may fall out of reach.

Mr. President, this year has shown what we can expect if we do not
ramp up action. Hurricanes, floods and forrest fires has left people
homeless and states in devastation. In the far North, the ice is
melting at an alarming speed. Mitigation and adaptation must go
hand in hand, leaving no one behind.

The Talanoa Dialogue is crucial to close the emission gap - setting
the stage for increased individual and collective efforts.

Future efforts will build upon what we do today. The grand
coalition between national and subnational governments, cities,
work life and businesses shows us the possibilities.

The low emission transformation is already taking place.
Governments and business companies are stepping up climate
action. The electric cars revolution is an example of that.

The private sector, our work force, researchers, NGOs, indigenous
people, women, youth and children are our most valuable assets.
We must enable, respect and protect those who will carry us
forward to a low emission future.

Human rights and just transtion must be at the forefront of our
actions. We commend you, Mr. President, for putting gender
equality and participation of indigenous peoples at the core of this

Norway stands by its commitments. We have implemented the
Doha amendments to the Kyoto Protocol since day 1, and we are
on track to meeting our 2020 target of cutting 30 percent compared to
1990. By 2030, we will reduce our emissions with 40 percent by
2030, and by 2050 be a low emission society.

We recognise the importance of sustained support for developing

Norway stands by the collective goal of mobilizing 100 billion
USD by 2020. Norway has committed to significant financial
contributions, and will continue to do so in the future.

Our climate and forest initiative will continue at present high level
to 2030.

Norway affirms its commitments to deliver and work together with
you to secure pre-2020 action and the goals of the Paris

Thank you!