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Statement on the 11th parliamentary election i Bangladesh

Historisk arkiv

Publisert under: Regjeringen Solberg

Utgiver: Utenriksdepartementet

'Norway commends the many Bangladeshis who exercised their democratic right to vote on election day, 30 December 2018, and welcomes the opposition’s decision to contest the elections for the first time in 10 years,’ said State Secretary Marianne Hagen.

‘However, Norway is concerned about credible reports of harassment and intimidation, as well as the presence of serious obstacles to a level playing field throughout the election process. We deplore the violence and tragic loss of life during the campaigning period and on election day. Given the significant number of claims of irregularities, it is essential that these are investigated fully and transparently by the proper authorities,’ Ms Hagen said.

‘Our countries’ good and longstanding relations are based on mutual respect and the pursuit of common interests. Norway will continue to work with the Government and the opposition, as well as other stakeholders, to further advance the democratic and economic development of Bangladesh,’ said State Secretary Marianne Hagen.