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Norwegian seafood – today and in the future

Historisk arkiv

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Chile-Norway Business Summit 2019                                Seminar: Sustainable Aquaculture Developments

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

The aquaculture industry is one of the most important export industries in Norway.

However, the industry is still quite young.

It all started in the early 70s.

When a couple of enthusiasts succeeded in producing salmon in their homemade cages.


Since then, the aquaculture sector has grown into a significant part of our national economy.

Our experience, combined with advanced technology, has made us one of the largest salmon producers in the world.

And the expectations for future growth are enormous.


However, the aquaculture industry is not without challenges.

Some are greater than others.

(The biggest challenges are sea lice and escapes).

The opportunities for further growth are closely related to how these challenges are resolved.

If the industry succeeds, the industry will continue to develop.


The possibilities are almost limitless.

But, we need innovation.

We need research and development.

And we have to share our experiences – worldwide.


As a globally leading seafood nation, Norway has a particular responsibility.

We want to show the rest of the world that it is possible to increase our biomass production.

And at the same time take care of the ocean and the marine resources.

New technology and more knowledge will help us develop the industry.

And we are already starting to move in the right direction.

Norway is taking fish farming off shore.

To revolutionize the aquaculture industry.

And use the ocean even smarter than we do today.

One example is SalMar.

Which has developed one of the first offshore fish farms in the world.

And brought the industry into a new era of aquaculture.

Blueye Robotics is another example.

They are developing drones for complex underwater operations.

To make the aquaculture industry far more efficient.

Blue Lice and Stingray are two companies.

Working every single day to find new and better solutions to fight the sea lice.

Today, only 5 percent of the global food consumption comes from the oceans.

This share has to increase if we are to reach our global goal of eradicating hunger and extreme poverty.

We believe that aquaculture holds a crucial role in meeting the world’s demand for more food in the future.


The Norwegian government is all in.

We want the aquaculture industry to continue to grow.

But, not without limits.

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do.

It is very basic.


That is why the Norwegian aquaculture sector is subject to strict rules.

The existence and profitability of the aquaculture industry requires close cooperation.

Between the authorities, the research sector, fish farmers and processors.

The goal is to keep the industry within sustainable limits.

And minimize the environmental impact on nature.


Dear seafood friends,

Sustainable use of the oceans has laid the foundation for Norway’s prosperity and the welfare.

Today, Norway is an important seafood nation.

And will be in the future.

With sustainable developments in the Norwegian aquaculture industry, we are taking the next steps.

To help feed the world’s growing population.

Thank you for your attention!

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