Business and industry in Norway - Preface

Norwegian industry will face a number of changes in the years to come - changes that will affect the established industries’ future value creation and create a framework for new businesses. In addition to the fact that Norway must actively relate to the rapid technological developments and a global economy in flux, we are facing challenges peculiar to Norway in that our petroleum-sector revenues will gradually decrease.

This booklet describes the current situation for Norway’s industry. It was published in paper format in January 2000, and this Internet version is an amended version of the printed edition. The Internet version allows for a more frequent updating.

The Internet is becoming increasingly important as an information channel, and we see that not only is information and communication technology a rapidly growing industry in itself, but that it also affects just about every other business sector. The new economy is about the ability to be innovative and create fresh products. By using the new technology, unfamiliar markets can be explored and challenged. IT and e-commerce can be included in corporate developments and strategies in all sectors - whether manufacturing, service or commercial.

If we do not view the Internet as an opportunity, it will soon become a threat to our industry.

Grete Knudsen
Minister of Trade and Industry


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