Evaluering av Norges forskningsråd 2001

Norges forskningsråd ble evaluert av Technopolis Group på oppdrag fra Kunnskapsdepartementet i 2001.


  1. The Research Council of Norway and its different funding mechanisms: The experiences and views of researchers in universities, colleges and institutes (PDF, 479 kB)
  2. Bibliometric Analysis of Norwegian Research Activities (PDF, 518 kB)
  3. RCN in the Dynamics of Research: A Scientist’s Perspective (PDF, 427 kB)
  4. RCN in the Research and Higher Education Sector (PDF, 355 kB)
  5. RCN Divisional Reviews (PDF, 1,3 MB)
  6. RCN and international co-operation (PDF, 837 kB)
  7. RCN budgets, policy instruments and operations (PDF, 764 kB)
  8. Internal functioning of RCN (PDF, 508 kB)
  9. RCN in the Public Understanding of Science (PDF, 631 kB)
  10. Norges forskningsråd 1989–1995: en dokumentanalyse om etableringen av Norges forskningsråd (PDF, 383 kB)
  11. Faithful Servant? Ministries in the governance of RCN (PDF, 290 kB)
  12. RCN in the Norwegian Research and Innovation System (PDF, 405 kB)
  13. User oriented R&D in the Research Council of Norway (PDF, 1,2 MB)
  14. Evaluation at RCN (PDF, 112 kB)
  15. RCN: Needs and Strategy (PDF, 128 kB)
  16. RCN International Context (PDF, 974 kB)