Høringssvar fra Person som ikke har oppgitt navn

Referanse: 146525

Dato: 17.09.2021

Please forgive writing this in English. My family are expat Norwegians living in the USA. ALL of our family live in Norway. My children are now asking me "will we ever see our cousins again?". It sickens me. My mother was born in Alesund the day that the Nazis invaded Norway and spent her first years of live in occupied Norway. Her first memories are of throwing bread into trenches for allied soldiers and having a Nazi soldier point a gun at her head for wearing red, blue and white mittens. Is Norway now a country where people can be stopped and asked to "show their papers"? I had plans for us to return home permanently and then COVID started and now I don't know if we will ever even visit Norway again. Forcing people to have medical interventions such as vaccines or invasive tests in order to move freely and labeling people as "unvaccinated" and denying them basic rights is the sort of tyranny that my family fought against in world war II and it needs to never happen again! Stop this madness now!