Høringssvar fra Sandy Lunöe

Dato: 23.09.2021

Dear Government,
Your wish to control the people has reached new heights.
Using fear but no logic seems to be your way.
You totally ignore our basic human rights.
The law of bodily autonomy you forget to obey.

Limits for criminality are lower than before.
State intervention is the rule of day.
Many people accept it all and even ask for more,
subdued by fear and propaganda in every way.

Politicians focus on rules and restrictions.
Very few have asked for serious predictions
about negative effects of freedom deprivation,
wih reduction of immunity and health deterioration,
lack of activation and poorer education,
increase in violence and aggression,
alcoholism, drugs, suicides and depression.

Close relationships have fallen apart,
countless suffer from a broken heart.
Thousands of children even fear
whenever people come near.

Thousands of precious elderly in isolation,
confused and neglected, maybe drugged with medication.
Many die alone, a tragic situation.
The vaccines were just tested on healthy people, we're told,
but in Norway they're injected in the frail and old.

To question the political point of view
leads to hatred and victimisation.
Mainstream media is with the mobbing crew,
a truly disgusting situation.

Regarding restrictions, experts disagree.
Many feel it's a cunning strategy
to keep people in a nervous situation
until vaccination of the whole population.
They say masks, quarantine and isolation
have little effect and lead to deterioration
of natural immunity and debilitation.

For insistence on social distancing there's no justification,
or do you want to stop a protest demonstration?

Masks cause infection, reduce oxygen which can damage our brain.
"Used masks are like used handkerchiefs" experts explain.
PCR swab tests are subject to contamination,
show false positives due to method manipulation,
should not be used to diagnose
and may cause serious injury to the nose.

There's no scientific justification
for vaccine certificates for the population.
The vaccinated spread virus and spike proteins.
Some experts are explaining what this really means:
Spike proteins end up in capillaries of the heart, ovaries, brain ...
and will cause micro blood clots galore,
leading to organ failure, strokes, infertility and more.

Nano particles in vaccines cause neuroinflammation
and injected lipids may lead to an autoimmune situation.

Polyethylene glycol's not been used in vaccines before.
It causes allergies, dangerous anaphylaxis and more.
It's also called PEG, and 80 per cent in US
have PEG antibodies in their blood, which causes much distress.
In Norway it's stated that PEG allergy is rare,
but we don't see proof of this anywhere.

Many say the government should agree
to let people with early Covid symptoms feel free
to take for example Ivermectine. Many countries show
very good results, so why do you say no?
Is the reason that you insist on vaccinations
influenced by your Big Pharma relations?

We had our freedom but you took it away,
then you give it back a little at a time.
We no longer accept your undemocratic way.
Lawyers say that your actions may border on crime.

There must be no extension of the restriction situation.
There are signals there'll be strong mobilisation
with tough resistance from the population
because FREEDOM matters most to the Norwegian nation!