Letter of intent between The United Kingdom and the NORDCAPS nations

Letter of intent concerning co-operation between The United Kingdom and The NORDCAPS nations

Recalling that the Ministers of Defence of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden on the 2 April 1997 agreed to establish NORDCAPS,

Further recalling that , in order to facilitate NORDCAPS, the NORDCAPS Steering Group, the NORDCAPS Military Co-ordination Group, the NORDCAPS Planning Element and a Nordic Pool of Force Register were established,

Noting the NORDCAPS points of contact for the co-operation with UK comprise the Chairman of the Steering Group, the Chairman of the Military Co-ordination Group and the Chief of Staff of the Planning Element,

Emphasising the multinational aspect and the intention to draw forces from all three services - for land forces up to brigade size - on a case by case basis,

Further emphasising the intention not to establish standing forces or permanent command structures for the purpose of NORDCAPS, not precluding the establishment of temporary structures necessary to plan and prepare for deployment,

Observing that at the last Nordic Defence ministers Meeting in Helsinki 12 November

2001 the Ministers commissioned the NORDCAPS Steering Group to produce a proposition on future co-operation between UK and NORDCAPS,

Reaffirming the willingness to further develop and strengthen co-operation within these frames, including collaboration and relationships with other countries,

Recognising the longstanding excellent shared experience of UK and the Nordic countries in joint multinational peace operations, i.e. in the Balkans with KFOR MNB(C),

The Undersigned:

Affirm that the aim of this co-operation is to enable, on a case by case basis, a swift, efficient and mutually reinforcing force contribution for peace support operations.

Also affirm that the aim of this co-operation is to be able to take part, independently or as part of a larger coalition, in Peace Support Operations.

Undertake to explore the possibility for joint training, exercises, courses and other co-operative arrangements in order to improve inter operability between UK and Nordicforces through NORDCAPS.

Express their desire to establish a dormant MOU, which will be enacted only when a decision is made to deploy a joint force in a military peace support operation.

Note that the co-operation will always be based upon consensus among the participating nations.

Also note that the co-operation will take place on a voluntary basis and will not in any way commit the nations to participate.

Confirm that no new permanent structures are deemed necessary as a result of this co-operation.



Mr. Svend Aage Jensby

Minister of Defence of the Kingdom of Denmark


Mr. Jan-Erik Enestam

Minister of Defence of the Republic of Finland


Ms. Kristin Krohn Devold

Minister of Defence of the Kingdom of Norway


Mr. Björn von Sydow

Minister for Defence of the Kingdom of Sweden


The Rt Hon Geoffrey Hoon MP

Secretary of State for Defence, United Kingdom