Høringssvar fra Fur Europe

Høring - Endring av forskrift om hold av pelsdyr

Dato: 12.03.2018

Svartype: Med merknad

Fur Europe is the umbrella organization covering the entire fur value chain with activities in 28 European countries. Fur Europe is based on the values of openness, transparency and reliability and pursues the continued sustainable development of the European fur sector with regards to economic, societal and environmental issues.

Fur Europe has followed the discussion in Norway in the past years and we are shocked to learn about the intent of the government to ban fur farming. The Norwegian fur breeders are among the most innovative and forward-thinking in the whole of Europe. We believe that the animal welfare standard on the Norwegian fur farms is very good and also well documented by the many visits conducted by Mattilsynet.

We would like to give our input in the context of the current public consultation on the suggested legislative amendments governing fur farming in Norway and the related statement of the intention of the government to undertake a controlled closure of Norwegian fur farming which Fur Europe has been following with concern.

While it is not our role to comment on the specific regulatory changes being discussed here, we would like to comment generally on the approach and the fact that the Norwegian government is taking a step back instead of continuing the progress of sustainable, controlled and responsible fur farming in Norway. We would like to underline that Norwegian fur farmers have a strong national animal welfare regulation in place, placing Norway among the best performers in Europe. Fur farmers in Norway are committed to developing their business in a sustainable manner, according to the democratically agreed national rules adopted in 2017 by the Norwegian Parliament. The majority of the farmers accepted the changes and already invested to comply with the new rules. Moreover, Norwegian fur farmers have been true supporters of the pan-European initiative – WelFur – and been among the first in Europe to actively engage in full implementation of this voluntary initiative.

The participation of Norwegian farmers in the independent and scientifically based program WelFur guarantees that they are following the best possible fur animal welfare guidelines based on most up-to-date international research results. We are convinced that WelFur can provide an answer to the concerns which lie at the heart of the Norwegian government’s intention to terminate the fur farming industry in Norway.

During the past year the majority of the farms in Norway had their first WelFur assessments and inspections done by Baltic Control. Even if the results are not available yet, as it takes three full visits in each period of the production cycle to calculate the WelFur score, we have received very positive feedback from the assessors visiting the Norwegian farms.

Fur Europe believes that Norway should allow the sustainable continuation of a business that positively contributes to the Norwegian economy, especially in rural areas. Norwegian fur farmers have always been very active in the European fur community and play an important role in the development of the fur sector, including through the implementation of newest knowledge and research available.

We urge the Norwegian government to reconsider their intension to ban fur farming and instead to support the current enforced rules and thereby secure responsible and sustainable fur production in Norway.