Høringssvar fra Valerie Thomas

Dato: 04.09.2019

The Regulatory Institute is an independent non profit organisation concerned with regulations. The Regulatory Institute assists in the improvement of regulation in different jurisdictions by providing research about regulations and regulatory techniques across a number of sectors and countries. This research is provided for free through the articles published at www.howtoregulate.org. We believe that many insights can be gained, and indeed better regulation, from applying a transcontinental and trans-sector approach to regulatory development. In addition to our research activities, the Regulatory Institute also assists in the:

-Preparation of guidance materials and other texts on regulatory techniques and methods of law-making;

-Provision of training, advice and consultancy services on regulatory techniques and methods of law-making; and

-Commenting of draft regulation on request, or in the framework of public consultations or through parliamentary processes.

We wrote an article "Infectious diseases: how to regulate an agile system equipped for the unknown" (https://www.howtoregulate.org/infectdisease/#more-473). This article may be of interest to your consultation on the regulations on the national vaccination register and regulations on the notification system for infectious diseases.

We would welcome any feedback you have about our article and wish you well in this consultation.

VALERIE THOMAS Manager, Regulatory Institute ASBL (BCE: 718994880) Brussels and Lisbon +351 912 870 672 www.howtoregulate.org