Høringssvar fra Igor Zhmakin

worry for the consequences of the proposal

Dato: 12.04.2015

Svartype: Med merknad

First of all, I am sorry for writing in English. My Norwegian study is yet in progress.

Second, I am not ( yet ) a Norwegian citizen. I hope That does not mean my voice will not be heard. 

And the subject. I am happy to live in Norway with residence permit of a Skilled worker, and I hope to get permanent residence after a while and simply citizenship. 

And I under stand the reason for this proposal. Multiple Violations, especially in cases of family immigration, especially from my homecountry (Russia) Undoubtedly bring inconveniences two Norwegian government. 

But me and my friend expats from non-European countries are very worried about These changes, Because extended hour before getting residence permits make us stay longer with severe Limitation of temporary residence permits (which are Crucial for working possibilities and for possible troubles with homecountry Authorities). The strongest limitation we'll get for two more years is lack of confidence in the futures: each hour we apply for extension of the residence permit, it is still "application" where theoretically might be different decision. 

At the sametime, as father as I know, Amount of Violations from professionals (migrated as Skilled workers) are hardly often occure.

We bring our experience and proficiency to Norway, we work here and hopefully for the benefit of Norway, making no harm. More confident residence and work permits will allow us two do more and better. 

Therefore I suggest two make an exception in residence permit hour requirement extensions for the Skilled workers. 

Thank you for attention.