Høringssvar fra parvin zare

in objection with the permanent residency law change

Dato: 13.05.2015

Svartype: Med merknad

Naturally this law is not going to be a good news for people who have planned their lives based on the current legislation. An addition of two years to the current law means less supports for people who are working in Norway and do not have a permanent residency and its supports. Working as a foreigner is unfortunately a very vulnerable situation and that's the main reason people seek the permanent residency. This is a matter of people's lives and how they have planned for it, changing a law to affect so many people is unconsidering people's plans and lives. Norway has been a great host for skilled and educated people and logically these people expect a wise decision considering their situation as well. Moving to a country, couping with the culture and learn their way of life is not an everyday task to replan it. People have chosen Norway as their life destination evaluating all these factors, now changing one is a forced impact to accept or replan to change the destination. What I really ask is to consider yourself in the same situation and to seek the reasons people apply to have Norways permanent residency and the impacts this change can have on their lives.