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not fair for skilled workers

Dato: 12.05.2015

Svartype: Med merknad

Dear Sirs

I am writing behalf of all skilled workers immigrated here from out of EU,

While selecting Norway as a destination to bring our skills and knowledge as well as experience to this country, I and other skilled workers considered permanent residence permit duration as one of the advantageous of immigrating to Norway, as we, our family and children can live here much more stable after 3 years. Some skilled workers sacralised other good conditions or maybe salaries in other countries to this advantageous and selected Norway as destination to have stable life here after 3 years.

Some already done some investment, bought apartment, car etc. as they were sure that they will be entitled to receive permeant residence permit in short period.

To have this new amendment fair and justly, it should not cover the people that they are already in Norway, instead it should be applicable only  for future immigrants who know the law in advance, and consider 5 years for receiving Permeant residence, then they have option to select Norway as their destination or not.

Please ensure that you have done some evaluations and interviews with skilled workers immigrated from out of EU in last 3 years mostly working in oil and gas section (which experience downturn these days), and legislate fair law to ensure that Norway is not creating bad reputation among skilled worker societies.

As a summary it is fair enough even if you say extending from 3 years to 10 years, but it should had been informed for immigrant prior to selecting this country as destination to bring their knowledge and experience in.

Best Regards

some of the skilled workers in Oil section