Høringssvar fra My National Park Project

Dato: 11.08.2019

Lars Eriksen

Olje- og Energidepartementet

Postboks 8148 Dep

0033 OSLO

Oslo, 11.08.2019

NVEs forslag til en nasjonal ramme for vindkraft på land – Høringssvar/Consultation Response

This seems like a defining moment in history.
How can we manage our resources responsibly?
A formidable task lies ahead. So you ask us for our opinion,
which is customary within this democratic dominion.

My humble opinion shall be given, however futile this might be.
A mere David battling a Goliath is how it feels to me.
But if that giant was defeated by a single stone,
then will, and precision may be all it takes to drive one's point home.

It seems we must produce more and more to fuel this current economic scheme,
and the latest industry primed to grow has been labeled green.
At first glance, this surely must be a delight,
but scratching the surface reveals a color not that bright.

Littering the land with towers of revolving steel?
This is so obviously not conducive to life.
The animals, birds and people alike, will suffer greatly from such a shortsighted strike.
It will inflict wounds that are beyond us to heal,
an everlasting testament to this disastrous deal.

Erecting these enormous towers, carving roads and flattening the land.
That's not how you implement a new, green plan.
Maybe you will reduce some emissions this way, but you must consider the enormous cost,
when so much of the natural world is lost.

Our country's wind and water are up for grabs, and this might be the ultimate test.
Will they allow cooperations to extract the rest?
The green battery of Europe its called, but this battery will be left wounded and mauled.
What good is calling it green, when there is no nature left to be seen.

Some politicians might cheer this madness on, fueled by the antics of the power lobby clown.
Are they hoping some revenue will trickle down?
Environmental consciousness is absent from this equation,
making money fast is what permeates the deliberation.

Keeping ecosystems healthy and free, that is what our ultimate goal must be.
Instead, you're making monstrous pincushions out of mountaintops and pristine plains,
all in the name of short term capital gains.
We already produce the power we need,
so how do you justify this awful deed?

The solution is staring us right in the face; locally produced power from the wind and the sun.
That's where you should put your money, the development has just begun.
Startups like Semtive and Icewind are showing the way,
you can produce the power you need at home, both night and day.

Silent wind turbines. Solar windows and solar roof tiles.
Yes, they're making these now for domestic use,
with powerwalls to store the energy we produce.
This way we can reduce our reliance on a centralized grid,
and start to set right, all the destructive things we did.

The science on nuclear is eye-opening too
It seems the impact is small, so what do we do?
Go look at the data and think again.
There is no reason to believe in the scare campaign.

Re-examine the scale of this harmful plan,
you need not ruin so much of the land.
Tear down the dams and let the rivers flow free,
that's how you implement sustainability.

We should surely harness the power of the wind,
but not in a way that makes the future so dim.
Why must we always extract resources on an industrial scale?
Solutions exist to do it locally so that nature will prevail.

Putting a wind turbine or two on your roof should be easy,
creating cheap power whenever it is breezy.
No need to blow up the mountains or drain the bogs.
And it won't kill the eagles or disrupt the frogs.

But the powers that be are myopic in their view,
failing to incentivize technology that is promising and new.
Our systems are stuck in a destructive groove,
and greenwashing degradation is the latest political tool.

The natural world is disappearing bit by bit,
but we must make money, so who gives a shit.
Hopefully, more will begin to care,
when they start to demolish the places people hold dear.

Revolving steel reaching far towards the sky?
This will make everyone sick and left feeling numb.
From the visual pollution and the low-frequency hum.
If you must produce this power industrially,
then why not put it out of sight, in the sea?
This is already being done, quite successfully.

But no, you must map the land because the winds are also blowing here.
Must we exploit every inch of this planetary sphere?
You see the potential to make investors rich,
I see the rest of us powerless in the ditch.

In summary, there are things that seem obvious to me.
Wind parks don't belong on land, put them in the sea.
On land, we must utilize the local potential,
to make energy from the wind truly sustainable.

Wind parks impact on untouched land is just too great.
Surely a foolish endeavor to undertake.
We will look back at this and feel alarmed.
When we realize how much nature was harmed

How will you explain to your children one day,
when they bring you their questions of great dismay;
Did you help erect these monuments to excess?
How could you be so careless? Causing such distress?