Høringssvar fra Person som ikke har oppgitt navn

Referanse: 114566

Dato: 18.12.2021

Dette er et fascistisk forslag fra Støre og fascistene i FHI der den egentlige grunnen for lovendringen er at man skal kunne sende pasientjournaler til Brussel og EU, samt å tvangsmedisinere folk med covid-piller med elektroniske signaler implementert for å sjekke at man har tatt pillen. Grunnlovsstridig og mot EMK.


. – The pandemic has shown a serious need for a stronger coordination of responses to cross-border health emergencies at the EU level. We therefore support endowing the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) with new tasks and responsibilities, so that the EU has a more efficient tool for preparedness, risk assessment, and early warning. To carry out its tasks, the Centre shall coordinate data collection at Union level. Although Parliament’s report includes a number of safeguards and references to data protection rules, we are concerned that it calls for the Centre to access unspecified personal health data and use them for ‘healthcare, health research, policy making and regulatory purposes’. Pirates believe that personal health data should not be shared without the patient’s consent. We therefore preferred to abstain and hope that the privacy and security of data will be elaborated on in the trilogues."