Høringssvar fra Person som ikke har oppgitt navn

Referanse: 234251

Dato: 25.10.2021

Having lived and worked in Norway / Svalbard for almost 3.5 years (over 2.5 years on mainland and almost 1 years on Svalbard - here until at least 2025), I feel that this change in voting rights for Longyearbyen and Svalbard would be detrimental for the population that live and work here and who regard this place as home. I am a permanent resident here in Longyearbyen. I am effectively employed by the Norwegian state / government as that is where the funding / salary comes from and contribute to life and the economy both locally here in Longyearbyen and the mainland. I feel that it is unfair for the voting right in Longyearbyen local council elections to be removed for foreign citizens, since foreign citizens make up a significant proportion of local populas and work force. In addition, on a personal note, I have lived, studied and worked in Norway for almost the entirety of the proposed 3 year minimum in order to vote. Moving to Longyearbyen was a large step for my career and life and I fully wish to be able to actively participate in local community decision making by voting and thus continue to contribute to the development and functioning of this diverse and fantastic communnity.