Høringssvar fra Marine Ilg

Dato: 25.10.2021

I do not support the proposal to limit the access to elections in Longyearbyen for people, who have not lived on the Norwegian mainland.

I think it supports a lot of negative effects and paves the road to a two-class-society in Longyearbyen.

The problem is, that it cuts out a lot of the not-so-priviliged citizens in having a voice in the discussions in Longyearbyen and makes certain jobs and social groups invisible.

Why is that?

  • Cleaning professionals: A lot of jobs are so unattractive for Norwegians, that they are nearly only done by foreigners. This counts for example for cleaning jobs, which do not come with a company provided flat or other bonuses, which makes them to unattractive for Norwegians or Western Europeans to take.
  • Women: A lot of the badly paid jobs are classical women jobs, e.g. service (hotel and tourism), shop assistants, cleaning, kitchen, etc. ... The society in Longyearbyen is still quite conservative, as most typical man jobs (electrician, mecanic, carpenter, fire man etc.) have good state or private contracts and come often with company supported living room and are thus attractive for Norwegians. The jobs, which are unattractive for Norwegians, because the wage is quite low at the end, are the jobs of women. Thus, all these women, will be cut out from having a voice.