Høringssvar fra Person som ikke har oppgitt navn

Referanse: 105371

Dato: 22.02.2021

I believe the travel restrictions are too strict at the moment for people with loved ones abroad. During this pandemic people with loved ones in foreign countries have suffered tremendously as a result of this. I understand the need for tough measures but I believe that closing the border for this group has been disproportional. People with loved ones abroad have hardly contributed to the spread of the virus and are willing to obey the measures as long as it is actually possible that our loved ones are allowed to cross the border. I feel that we have been punished for the lack of discipline employers dependent on foreign workers have shown and a disproportional fear in society for the mutants. I think that a combination of strict testing requirements and a quarantine duty (preferably not in a quarantine hotel) suffice for the loved ones of people living in Norway. There should be an element of trust involved here, which is in normal circumstances highly valued in Norwegian society.