Høringssvar fra Person som ikke har oppgitt navn

Referanse: 100352

Dato: 22.02.2021

(Jeg skal ta dette på engelsk, fordi jeg ikke er så veldig flink på norsk ennå. Jeg kan uttrykke meg bedre på engelsk. Håper det går fint.)

I ask for equalisation of married couples and couples that are not.

I do not think there is a difference between them. Being separate from each other is extremely taxing. Either way. Personally, affects my life daily. My mental health is struggling, my relationship itself is struggling. The uncertainty about when you'll be able to see each other again is nerve-wrecking.

I think it is important to add kjærester to the exceptions of people who are allowed to travel into Norway. I do not understand why married couples should have more rights over (long-term) couples that are not.

We’ll quarantine or isolate. We’ll keep to the rules. We understand the importance of them. If we have to, we’ll take that chunk out of our savings to be able pay for the quarantine hotel. We just need to be able to see each other.