Høringssvar fra Tara Scrivener

Dato: 22.02.2021

I am against the continued restriction of certain groups into Norway as proposed. Exceptions should be allowed for those in established relationships without needing to be married or registered as together, and without needing formal documentation of 2 years of cohabitation. For example I have been in an established relationship for 4 years now with all documents and rental contracts in the UK etc in my partner's name and nothing in my own. We are not married and have no intention of getting married, but that shouldn't mean I cannot come to be with my partner. Mental healths are suffering because of this exclusion, on top of the difficulties everyone faces with the coronavirus control measures, make this a dangerous thing to continue to extend.
Many people in established relationships unmarried & unregistered are not considering travelling lightly - no one really wants to travel for fun in the midst of this pandemic - and will take all possible safety measures that one can.
The requirement of quarantine hotels is again not ideal and seems unfair when married couples can stay in quarantine together but unmarried couples cannot. However, if boyfriends & girlfriends would be allowed into Norway on the explicit requirement that they must stay for 10 days in a quarantine hotel on arrival, then this would be happily accepted as a compromise measure. I would be staying in Norway thereafter and would not be intending to travel back to the UK unless absolutely necessary for any unforeseen event such as family emergency.