Høringssvar fra Person som ikke har oppgitt navn

Referanse: 172447

Dato: 26.02.2021

My name is Aimeé Martínez, I am a mexican journalist.

I am looking for work in Oslo, but also I am engaged to a norwegian man. We have a 2 years relationship and we want to start a life together, but this has been stopped not only by the pandemic, which has made the situation difficult, now we are also separated by the restrictions that have been imposed in Norway.

My boyfriend has been having health problems as a result of stress, depression, and anxiety. It's frustrating not being able to be there to support him, and that it's both our mental health that suffers.

Also, I have given up my job in Mexico to start a life in Norway with my future husband, a month ago I have found a job, and it has been very difficult in the middle of the pandemic. But now I have to reject the only opportunity I have had to get a job, because the restrictions do not allow me to work for the scheduled date (April 2021).

Maybe I'm just one simple person, but like me, there are thousands of people who have completely stopped their lives. And the consequences are not simple, it is not only being separated, this is a real problem, because this has brought us a series of mental and physical health problems, and also economic problems as life plans are affected.

We understand the situation, that we are in a pandemic and that we must take care of ourselves by taking the necessary measures. But continuing with our lives and developing ourselves is not the same as traveling as a tourist.

Many have invested their savings for a change of life, to be with those they love. Love is not tourism.

I write this, speaking about my case but also raising my voice as a citizen of the world, asking to be able to continue with my life alongside my norwegian fiancé. And knowing that like me, many of us wish we could be with our loved ones in these uncertain times, when we need each other so much.