Høringssvar fra Person som ikke har oppgitt navn

Referanse: 205318

Dato: 27.11.2020

I am a British Citizen. My fiance is a Norwegian Citizen. We live in London, UK.

Her parents have a farm with two houses. We were going to travel there on the 1st of December, well in advance of Christmas and complete our 10-day quarantine there. Her parents would provide us with groceries and we would be able to complete the quarantine while working from home.

The current rules cancels these plans for us, and that is devastating. The hotels is not an option for us because
a) We have been working from home for 8 months and feel very isolated in our small apartment. Going to an even smaller room where we both have to work while we are there feels extremely claustrophobic and a risk to our mental health
b) There is no guarantee for the services we may or may not receive at this hotel. We both need to work from home and require a decent internet service. Will this be provided? We are also attending several video meeting per day and can therefore not be in the same room as each other. Will we have another room or space available to conduct this?

My fiance is devastated. For the 6 years we've been together she's idolised Norway. When other countries mess up, she always gives Norway as the prime example of a well functioning democracy. But these rules does for the first time in her life makes her disappointed of her country. She feels unwelcome, unheard and not valued.

Does Norwegian citizen living abroad mean less to you? She's a scientist working to stop the spread of COVID-19 in low and middle income countries. A job she could not do in Norway, and it is what is keeping her abroad. You should be welcoming her home with open arms (and a 2 m distance) - not send her to a confined space to degrade before the holidays.