Høringssvar fra Jessica Kelly Page

Dato: 27.11.2020


I am a permanent resident of Norway along with my husband and two children. I have been so proud of living in Norway for numerous reasons. However, recently with the quarantine hotels I find it disappointing how family members are treated differently than others and required to stay in a quarantine hotel near their point of entry. I live in Kongsberg and right now there are business travelers staying in local hotels fulfilling their 10 day mandatory quarantine. Why can that not also apply to family members? Not only would that spread the financial benefit of visitors across Norway (including smaller ones such as here in Kongsberg), but it would allow people to be better taken care of since they would be closer to their family members. Mentally, physically, and socially (with distance, of course!) they would be healthier, while still meeting the mandatory quarantine.

I implore you to consider alternate places of quarantine so that families can be nearer and healthier during this holiday season. Do this for not only our mental health as a community, but financial health as a community.

Best regards