Høringssvar fra Amanda Green, Ole Christian Unneberg, and Isaac Hatcher

Dato: 27.11.2020

We have been physically separated from each other as a family since January, 2020. I came back to Norway to visit my beloved late October and went back to Ohio. My son is not biologically Ole Christian's, but he is the man my son calls daddy. My son hasn't been able to celebrate his birthday with his dad, holidays, or any other celebration this year. He didn't even want to have cake or celebrate his birthday at all this year if his dad couldn't be there. Both Ole Christian and I have dealt with mental health issues related to the physical separation due to the Covid restrictions.

My son and I are both currently in Norway in a quarantine hotel. The accommodations are nice enough but it isn't home. We left Ohio at 12:00 est on 25/11/2020 and arrived in Oslo at 19:30 26/11/2020. We can safely quarantine with Ole Christian in his home and will follow all guidelines to prevent possible spread of the disease.

My son and I have already dealt with Covid-19 in January. We contradicted the virus leaving Norway. It took six months for my son to recover fully and damaged my lungs even further than what they were prior. We understand the severity of this disease better than most.

I humbly beg of you to reconsider the corona hotel situation. Family members coming to Norway are the least likely group to spread infection and break quarantine rules. We've had to fight to be here and we wouldn't risk being separated from our loved ones by breaking the law.