Nordregio Forum – The Nordic City – Opportunities and Challenges of Small and Medium-sized Cities

Presentasjoner fra konferansen som ble holdt 29-30. november 2017 på Vulkan i Oslo. Presentations from the conference arranged 29-30th of november 2017 on Vulkan in Oslo.

Program (pdf)

Nordregio Forum 2017: Nordic Cities– Connecting the Urban and the Rural (

29. november

Plenary session: The Nordic City in an International Perspective

Vibrant, inclusive and sustainable urban environments

This session is part of the Norwegian presidency programme and the project Attractive cities: Green restructuring and competitiveness in the Nordic city regions. Cities as a framework for good life for all. The project focuses on small and medium sized cities in the Nordic region that want to develop their attractiveness by ensuring good and inclusive urban environments that are economically, environmentally and socially sustainable. Nordic co-operation and knowledge exchange is a key element.

In this session, five small and medium sized cities  share their experiences and work towards sustainable development. Located in different parts of the Nordic region the cities share some challenges and development approaches that can be useful to others.

Arranged by: Norwegian Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation

30. november

Creating Strong Regions by Including both Urban and Rural Areas, Hallgeir Aalbu, Norwegian Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation 

Steinar Johansen, NIBR Income generation and differences in income between types of Norwegian regions 

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