NATO Wales Summit – Revitalizing the Trans-Atlantic Bond

The Norwegian Minister of Defence Ine Eriksen Søreide held this speech at The Rīga Conference 2014 September 12. The title of the speech was "NATO Wales Summit – Revitalizing the Trans-Atlantic Bond".

Licensing requirements to apply to all exports of old military equipment

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is introducing the principle ‘once military, always military’ into its regulations for the export of defence-related products. This means that products manufactured for military purposes may not be exported without authorisation from the Ministry.

Core values of Norway's defence sector

The defence sector defends Norwegian territory, the Norwegian people and Norway’s interests. The defence sector promotes certain general values. This values platform for the sector is aimed to highlight these values.

Webcast: New Climate Economy report


Multinational F-35-Summit to be held in Oslo on 25 September

For the first time the leaders of the multinational F-35-program will meet in Norway. This happens as all nine partner nations in the program assemble in Oslo for its second JSF steering board for 2014. The F-35 Program is expected to deliver around 3,000 aircraft for the nine partner nations as well as several direct export customers over the next 20 to 25 years and is the largest multinational technology development program of its kind since World War II. For the first time media will also be invited to cover the meeting from a dedicated press centre.

Introductory speech at EU Heads of Mission meeting

"I am very glad to be here because European cooperation is so important to us, both economically and politically. The EU and EU member countries are among our closest partners. The geopolitical crisis in Ukraine has reminded us how important it is to stay together and defend our values", said Minister of Finance, Siv Jensen.

Unacceptable police raid on EEA and Norway Grants fund operator in Hungary

‘By ordering the police raid on 8 September, it is clear that the Hungarian authorities are continuing their harassment of civil society organisations, and that they have no intention of fulfilling their obligations under the agreements Hungary has entered into on the management of the EEA and Norway Grants,’ said Minister of EEA and EU Affairs Vidar Helgesen.

Talks on leasing prison capacity in the Netherlands

"We inherited a challenging situation with inadequate prison capacity from the previous government. In order to substantially increase our prison capacity in the short term, we are now in talks with Dutch authorities concerning the leasing of detention space in the Netherlands," says Anders Anundsen, Minister of Justice and Public Security.

Address at the Estonian–Norwegian Business Forum

- The synergy that can be achieved by bringing together Estonian ICT expertise and Norwegian experience in the field of green technology makes us confident that we can develop successful solutions not only for Estonia and Norway, but also for third markets, said Minsiter Vidar Helgesen in his address at the forumt.

Europe – 25 year after the fall of the Berlin Wall

'This year – 2014 – is a year of anniversaries. A year in which to commemorate events of pivotal importance for Europe, as both a geographical and a political entity', said Minister Vidar Helgesen in his opening address at the Europe Conference 2014 in Oslo 2 September.