Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research (NIBIO) has been established

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Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research - NIBIO, now one of the largest research institutions  in Norway, was established today, merging staff and responsibilities from Bioforsk, The Norwegian Institute of Forestry and Landscape and The Norwegian Institute of Agricultural Economy Research. The Government is convinced that this 700 people strong pool of talent will contribute considerably to unlock the potential of bioeconomics in Norway.

- Happy birthday to NIBIO and all of its employees! In the past year you have made a tremendous effort so that we today can establish an institute of excellence and influence. I wish you all the best for the future, and I want to impress upon you that your expertise is vital to the agriculture and food sector. I also wish thank the chairman of the interim board of directors, Einar Steensnaes, and all of his colleagues, who have guided the fusion effort towards this important day, says the Minister of Agriculture and Food, Sylvi Listhaug.

- I am happy and proud to see NIBIO up and running. The name underscores the Government's high aspirations for this new institute and its critical role in development of bioeconomics in the green sector, states minister Listhaug.

On February 6. 2015, the King in the Council of state decided that the Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research be established by July 1. the same year. The Ministry of Agriculture and Food has appointed a board of directors, with Victor D. Norman as institute director and Alvhild Hedstein as chief executive officer.

Administrerende direktør i NIBIO, Alvhild Hedstein
NIBIO chief executive officer, Alvhild Hedstein. Credit: Ministry of Agriculture and Food

The aim of the fusion is to establish a professionally and financially robust research and development unit, providing industry and management with excellent and relevant science. More resources will be spent on actual research, targeted innovation and decision support, and less on administration, operation and maintenance. It is also expected that research will become an interdisciplinary effort, and NIBIO will strengthen cooperation with universities and academies, not least in order to enhance the potential of developing bioeconomies. 

The institute will be known under the operative name NIBIO. At start-up it will comprise approx. 650 full-time positions and have a revenue of approx. 680 mill. NOK (85 million Euro or 100 million USD). NIBIO will be a ministerial agency with separate powers and independent leadership, headquartered at Aas outside Oslo, with divisional offices in the capital. The Institute has a strong nationwide local representation.

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