Transport and communications

The Ministry of Transport and Communications has overall responsibility for the framework conditions for postal and telecommunications activities, for the civil aviation, public roads and rail transport sector, ferry services forming part of the national road system, for coastal management, the marine environment and port and sea transport policy.

Reforming and Modernising the Norwegian Transport Sector

The Government aims to have a state-of-the-art transport and communications network which is on a par with comparable countries. Therefore, the government wants to boost infrastructure investments,combined with necessary reforms in the transport sector.

Norwegian Coastal Administration (NCA)

The Norwegian Coastal Administration is an agency of the Norwegian Ministry of Transport and Communications responsible for services related to maritime safety, maritime infrastructure, transport planning and efficiency, and emergency response to acute pollution.




Ministry of Transport and Communications

Phone: +47 22 24 90 90
Address: Postboks 8010 Dep, 0030 Oslo
Visitor address: Akersgata 59 (R5), Oslo

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