Transport and communications

The Ministry of Transport has overall responsibility for the framework conditions for postal activities, for the civil aviation, public roads and rail transport sector, ferry services forming part of the national road system, for coastal management, the marine environment and port and sea transport policy.

Illustration for the national budget 2021

National Budget 2021

80 billion kroner to improved transport nationwide

“The government's transport policy binds the nation and its citizens closer together. We are building roads and railways at a rapid pace, which helps to create jobs. This is important at a time when we are striving to bring Norway out of the corona crisis. With investments both in new projects and the maintenance of existing infrastructure, we are ensuring that Norway is safer, better and more environmentally friendly. In the national budget for 2021, we once again emphasise that the transport sector is important to this government. We are in the process of creating a greener future and helping people to get back to work”, says Minister of Transport Knut Arild Hareide.

NTP 2018-2029

National Transport Plan 2018–2029 - English summary

The National Transport Plan 2018–2029 is aimed towards a Norway with increased mobility, decreased transport costs and reduced emissions.


Information for professional drivers: Trucker's guide

Important information that heavy vehicle operators need to know in order to drive safely in Norway.

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