Foreign affairs

The main tasks of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are to promote Norway’s interests internationally and provide assistance to Norwegian nationals abroad. An important part of the Ministry’s work is to make sure that Norway ‘speaks with one voice’ in international forums. In this context, the Ministry works to coordinate the efforts of other ministries and give guidance.

 A woman collects food in Deir Hafer, 60 km from Aleppo in Syria. WFP is working with the Syrian Arab Red Crescent to distribute food to the most vulnerable.

Major effort to combat the coronavirus pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic’s economic and social ramifications will be dramatic. Poor countries with weak health systems and vulnerable population groups will likely be the hardest hit in terms of lives lost and economic damage.


What the EEA Agreement covers

Norwegians have the same rights and obligations as other EEA citizens when it comes to trade, investments, banking and insurance, and buying and selling services. They also have the same right to work, study and live in other countries in the EEA.

Reint hav krever stor innsats. Her fra en fire dagers oppryddingsaksjon i området rundt Lofoten og Troms der 135 m3 søppel - hovedsaklig plast - ble samlet inn. Foto: Espen Bergersen, Naturgalleriet

Program to Combat Marine Litter and Microplastics

In 2018, the Norwegian government launched a new development programme to combat marine litter and microplastics. The programme is intended to contribute to Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 14.1 which states that by 2025, the world should prevent and significantly reduce marine pollution of all kinds.

What's new

Budget 2021: Stronger focus on global health

07/10/2020: ‘The Covid-19 pandemic and the measures implemented to combat it have dramatic ramifications for developing countries, and are leading to increased economic decline, poverty, unemployment and hunger. The Government has therefore proposed an increase in funding for global health efforts of NOK 500 million in the budget for 2021,’ said Minister of International Development Dag-Inge Ulstein.

Budget 2021: 5.5 billion for humanitarian assistance

07/10/2020: ‘The Government has proposed an overall humanitarian budget of NOK 5.5 billion for 2021. The number of people in need of humanitarian assistance and protection worldwide is higher than ever before. With this budget, Norway will continue to be one of the largest humanitarian donors in the world,’ said Minister of Foreign Affairs Ine Eriksen Søreide.


Norway’s Role and Interests in Multilateral Cooperation

Rules-based international cooperation makes the world safer and more stable. Norway’s security, economy and prosperity depends on it. At the same time, international cooperation is under pressure. The white paper on Norway’s role and interests in multilateral cooperation will guide Norwegian multilateral policy in the coming years.


Guidelines to Work on Women, Peace and Security

The Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security sets out Norway’s policy for following up the resolutions on women, peace and security. These Guidelines are an aid for the foreign service missions, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Norad – a tool that will help to translate policy into practice. The Guidelines supplement the Action Plan and must be read together with it.