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It is the Ministry of Climate and Environment that has chief responsibility for the Government’s environmental policy. Environmental policy cuts across ministerial boundaries and involves issues that are the responsibility of several different ministries.
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Luftfoto Amazonas regnskog

Norway's International Climate and Forest Initiative (NICFI)

Norway has pledged up to 3 billion NOK a year to help save these forests while improving the livelihoods of those who life off, in, and near the forests. At COP21 in Paris, NICFI was extended until 2030.

The Congo Basin includes six countries in Central Africa. About 120 million people live in the region and about half are partially dependent on the forests for livelihoods, food, medicines and materials.

Norway part of new agreement to protect the Congo Basin

The Central African Forest Initiative and the Demokratic Republic of Congo today signs a Letter of Intent to protect the world's second largest rainforest.

Norwegian Carbon Credit Procurement Program

Norway is committed to an ambitious climate policy and has undertaken to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by the equivalent of 30 per cent of 1990 emissions by 2020. Significant measures are taken at home at the same time as measures in other countries are supported. 50 per cent of Norwegian emissions are regulated through Norway's participation in the EU Emission Trading System (ETS). A total of 80% of Norwegian emissions are subject to emissions trading, a CO2 tax, or both.


Agreement to reduce food waste

2017-06-28: The Norwegian Government and the food industry have signed an agreement to reduce food waste in Norway by 50 percent by 2030.

Norway is committed to the partnership with Brazil on reducing deforestation

2017-06-23: Norway remains a proud partner to Brazil on reducing deforestation, and considers this partnership a great success. Brazil's results in the form of reduced deforestation 2005-2014 is one of the biggest climate measures ever. Norway will continue its support for the Amazon Fund, in accordance with the rules of the fund and as agreed during the Paris climate summit in 2015, until 2020.

Proposed reduction in the threshold for culling Golden Eagles

2017-06-23: The Ministry of Climate and Environment has published a consultation paper on a proposed adjustments in the threshold for the culling of Golden Eagles that cause the loss of livestock. The proposal specifies that this will only apply to a temporary project in two areas in Fosen and Troms.

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Norway - Candidate to The World Heritage Comittee 2017

2017-04-18: Culture-nature, integrated approach, generations, future, community, cooperation, pride, sustainability, credibility


Regulations relating to the protection of traditional knowledge associated with genetic material

2016-11-25: Adopted by Royal Decree of 25.november 2016 under section 61a of the Act of 19 June 2009 No. 100 relating to the management of biological, geological and landscape diversity. Submitted by the Ministry of Climate and Environment.

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