Climate and environment

It is the Ministry of Climate and Environment that has chief responsibility for the Government’s environmental policy. Environmental policy cuts across ministerial boundaries and involves issues that are the responsibility of several different ministries.

Norway's International Climate and Forest Initiative (NICFI)

Norway has pledged up to 3 billion NOK a year to help save the world's tropical forests while improving the livelihoods of those who life off, in, and near the forests.

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Agreement in Nairobi on global deal against plastic pollution

02/03/2022: World leaders agreed on a new international, binding agreement on plastic pollution through a full lifecycle approach to be finalised by 2024. The decision marks a historical achievement in the global cooperation against plastic pollution.



Guyana leapfrogs into solar energy future with Norwegian forest payments

22/06/2022: Guyana’s largest ever solar power projects will be financed thanks to the country’s low deforestation levels, following a landmark forest partnership between Guyana and Norway.



Norwegian Plastics Strategy

This strategy brings together the Norwegian Government’s plastics policy and describes most of the measures that have been implemented or are being implemented to reduce plastic litter and plastic pollution. It takes a comprehensive approach including measures targeting plastic across its entire lifecycle.

White Paper

Norway’s Climate Action Plan for 2021–2030

Norway is committed to achieving its emission reduction target under the Paris Agreement. The Government is presenting a white paper describing its action plan for transformation of Norwegian society as a whole by 2030. The plan shows how Norway will achieve its climate target and at the same time create green growth.


Ministry of Climate and Environment

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