Ministry of Culture

The Ministry of Culture is responsible for the policy areas of culture, copyright, church, the media, sport and the voluntary sector. The Ministry also has overarching responsibility for the state lotteries run by Norsk Tipping and for regulating gaming and lotteries run by private organisations.


Liten gutt går med ryggen til fotografen på en friidrettsbane. Gutten holder et målflagg i hånden.

Primary distribution of lottery funds to sporting activities in 2015:

The government is lowering the threshold for participation in sports

Lowering the threshold for children and young people’s participation in sporting and physical activities is one of the main priorities in this year’s distribution of lottery funds.

Nærbilde av hånd som skrur på en bilradio.

Radio digitisation in 2017

The Government has set a date for the switch-off of Norway’s FM radio stations, having concluded that the criteria for the technology shift are now met. The decision to switch off all FM radio stations in 2017 follows up the radio digitisation mandate issued by the Storting (the Norwegian parliament) in 2011.

Norwegian National Championship in poker and private poker teams legalized

The Ministry of Culture has adopted amendments in the regulations relevant to lotteries with the result that now a Norway may arrange a National Championship in poker. Permission is now given for up to five regional qualification tournaments and three types of tournament poker.

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