It is the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs that has overriding responsibility for the Government’s labour policy.

Labour immigration

Labour immigration provides Norway with important expertise and covers our need for labour in several sectors. Norway has for many years been part of a common Nordic labour market. Through the EEA Agreement and the EFTA Convention, Norway is also part of a common European labour market.

Labour market measures

Labour market measures are one of the most important policy instruments aimed at promoting a well-functioning labour market. Labour market measures aim at contributing to increased participation in employment, reduced unemployment and combating exclusion by helping people with problems on the labour market to find work and become active.

The working environment and safety

Enterprises are themselves responsible for preventing accidents and harm to health as a result of work. Employers have a duty to ensure that the working environment is both safe and satisfactory.

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The picture shows from left to right: Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Anniken Hauglie, here with Jon Sandnes, CEO of the Federation of Norwegian Construction Industries (BNL), Steinar Krogstad, Vice Chairman of the Norwegian United Federation of Trade Unions and Trude Vollheim, Director General of the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority.

European cooperation on combating work-related crime financed by the EEA and Norway Grants

– Work-related crime can only be combated by means of cooperation – both national and international, says Minister of Labour Anniken Hauglie (Conservative Party). Last week European authorities and social partners met in Oslo.

Ådne Cappelen på talerstol foran blågrå bakgrunn.

The Basis for Wage Settlements in 2019 Preliminary Report

Press release from the Norwegian Technical Calculation Committee for Wage Settlements: Preliminary Report 2019.


The strategy for combating work-related crime

The Government presents here a strategy for strengthening of efforts to combat work-related crime.

The IA Agreement 2014-2018

The Letter of Intent regarding a more inclusive working life (the IA Agreement) is based on a tradition of cooperation and trust between the authorities, employees and employers in Norway, both centrally and locally. This is the fourth letter of intent regarding a more inclusive working life. The agreement will be valid for the period from 4 March 2014 to 31 December 2018.