Labour immigration

Labour immigration provides Norway with important expertise and covers our need for labour in several sectors. Norway has for many years been part of a common Nordic labour market. Through the EEA Agreement and the EFTA Convention, Norway is also part of a common European labour market.

The Labour and Welfare Service cooperates with other European national employment services and the EU Commission through the EURES network (European Employment Services), in order to assist jobseekers who want to work in other European countries as well as employers who want to recruit people from other European countries.

The new Immigration Act and Regulation, which entered into force on January 1st 2010, include regulations on labour immigration. The requirement for a work permit for EU/EEA/EFTA nationals is replaced by a requirement to register with the police. The regulations concerning immigration from countries outside the EEA/EFTA-area (so-called third countries) are simplified and easier to follow. This provides good opportunities for Norwegian employers to recruit the foreign labour they require in their businesses. Furthermore, we have introduced a possibility for skilled workers to start working before they have acquired a permit. The quota scheme for skilled labour, whereby skilled workers can be recruited without a labour market needs assessment, is continued.