Ministry of Climate and Environment

The Ministry of Climate and Environment has a particular responsibility for carrying out the environmental policies of the Government.


signering av matsvinn

Agreement to reduce food waste

The Norwegian Government and the food industry have signed an agreement to reduce food waste in Norway by 50 percent by 2030.

Orangutang i regnskog

More money for rainforests

The government proposes to grant 3 billion Norwegian kroner on next year's budget to help preserving tropical rainforests. This is an increase from 2017 of 118 million Norwegian kroner. - If we are to reach the targets in the Paris agreement we must stop the destruction of the rainforests, says Minister of Climate and Environment, Vidar Helgesen.


Under the Framework Convention on Climate Change

Norway’s Seventh National Communication

2018-04-24: This report is Norway’s seventh national communication on national circumstances, policies and measures related to climate change under the Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

White Paper

Update of the integrated management plan for the Norwegian Sea

2017-04-05: With this update of the management plan, the Government is maintaining a long-term, integrated marine environmental policy that is intended to facilitate value creation and at the same time protect the marine and coastal environment of Norwegian sea areas.

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