Ministry of Climate and Environment

Espen Barth Eide (Lab.)

Minister of climate and environment

The Ministry of Climate and Environment has a particular responsibility for carrying out the environmental policies of the Government.


White Paper

Norway’s integrated plan for the conservation of areas of special importance for marine biodiversity

This white paper presents the Government’s proposals for further development of the element of its ocean management regime concerning the conservation of areas of importance for marine biodiversity.

White Paper

Norway’s Climate Action Plan for 2021–2030

Norway is committed to achieving its emission reduction target under the Paris Agreement. The Government is presenting a white paper describing its action plan for transformation of Norwegian society as a whole by 2030. The plan shows how Norway will achieve its climate target and at the same time create green growth.

News from the Ministry

Norway’s new climate target: emissions to be cut by at least 55 %


World leaders agreed on a new international, binding agreement on plastic pollution through a full lifecycle approach to be finalised by 2024.

Norway increases funding for UNESCO's efforts to promote freedom of expression and cultural rights


Norway has entered into a new agreement with UNESCO on the provision of NOK 200 million to support efforts to promote freedom of expression, artistic freedom and world heritage.