Law and order

The Government is working to ensure safe communities, to reduce everyday crime, and the individual's need for legal protection and Security.

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Laws and legislative work

The Ministry of Justice and Public Security is responsible for ensuring that the Norwegian legislation is of high quality.


Goals for the justice and public security sector

The Government has clear goals and priorites for the justice and public security sector.


Criminals to be denied entry

– The Government proposes to deny entry to Norway to people who have committed serious criminal offenses abroad. This means that multiple offenses may form the basis for rejection, even when they lie far back in time, says the Minister of Justice and Public Security Anders Anundsen.

Talks on leasing prison capacity in the Netherlands

"We inherited a challenging situation with inadequate prison capacity from the previous government. In order to substantially increase our prison capacity in the short term, we are now in talks with Dutch authorities concerning the leasing of detention space in the Netherlands," says Anders Anundsen, Minister of Justice and Public Security.

The threat against Norway is downgraded

The Norwegian Police Security Service (PST) states that the threat level in Norway is on the way back to where it was when they presented their threat assessment in February 2014.

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