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  • NATO agrees to provide extensive support to Ukraine

    Press release Date: 12/07/2024

    The NATO countries have agreed to increase military support to Ukraine significantly. Measures approved by the Allies at the Washington Summit include EUR 40 billion in support within the next year, a greater coordinating role for NATO in training and weapons support, and the appointment of a NATO Senior Representative to head the NATO Representation to Ukraine.

  • Norway to increase its support for Palestine refugees

    Press release Date: 12/07/2024

    ‘After nine months of war, the situation for the population in Gaza is catastrophic. They lack everything. Many are starving. UNRWA is the backbone of all humanitarian efforts in Gaza. That is why Norway is now increasing its support by providing additional NOK 100 million to UNRWA,’ said Minister of Development Anne Beathe Kristiansen Tvinnereim.

  • Norwegian Government to provide NOK 1 billion for air defence in Ukraine

    Press release Date: 11/07/2024

    Norway is providing an additional NOK 1 billion in funding for air defence systems in Ukraine. ‘The Ukrainians need more air defence to protect the population against Russian bombs and missiles,’ said Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre.

  • Target to double climate finance exceeded for second year in a row

    Press release Date: 10/07/2024

    Norway’s climate finance amounted to NOK 16.5 billion in 2023. This is NOK 2.5 billion more than the target pledged in 2021 to double our climate finance.

  • Norway will donate F-16s to Ukraine this year

    Press release Date: 10/07/2024

    ‘Ukraine’s ability to defend itself against air attacks is crucial in its battle against Russia. Norway has now decided to donate six F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine. We plan to start delivering the aircraft in the course of 2024,’ said Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre. Norway has joined a number of other countries in providing Ukraine with access to F-16 fighter aircraft, which are crucial to enabling the country to defend itself against the attacks by Russian forces.

  • Nordic declaration on cross-border airspace cooperation signed

    News story Date: 10/07/2024

    ‘The membership of all the Nordic countries in NATO opens the door to even closer cooperation. There is a need for more airspace to conduct Allied training and exercises. The Nordic countries have a lot to offer in this context. We have large airspace, a considerable fifth generation capability with our fleet of F-35s, and we have the infrastructure needed. It is against this backdrop that Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Iceland have signed a declaration to further develop Nordic cooperation to make Nordic airspace available to NATO activities,’ said Minister of Defence Bjørn Arild Gram.

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  • Web TV

    IMF: Expect higher growth in the Norwegian economy

    Broadcast 28.06.2024, 10:00

    Economic growth will strengthen gradually and real incomes will increase, improving most households’ purchasing power. This is one of the conclusions of the International Monetary Fund (IMF)’s yearly assessment of the Norwegian economy and Norwegian economic policy, which was presented at the Norwegian Ministry of Finance in Oslo today.

  • Web TV OECDs Economic Survey of Norway

    Broadcast 20/06/2024, 10:00

    On Thursday 20 June at 10:00 the OECD will present a new Economic Survey of Norway to Minister of Finance Trygve Slagsvold Vedum (Centre Party).

  • Web TV The Blue Justice initiative celebrates 5 years!

    Broadcast 18/06/2024, 14:25

    The Norwegian Minister of Fisheries and Ocean Policy Marianne Sivertsen Næss together with state secretary Bjørg Sandkjær (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) invites to a celebration conference that it is five years since the launch of the Blue Justice Initiative.

  • Web TV Launch of Norway's new humanitarian strategy

    Broadcast 15/05/2024, 09:15

    Minister of Foreign Affairs Espen Barth Eide and Minister of Development Cooperation Anne Beathe Kristiansen Tvinnereim will launch the government's new strategy for Norwegian humanitarian policy on Wednesday 15 May.

  • Web TV New measures to ensure continued control of immigration

    Broadcast 29/01/2024, 13:30

    Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is continuing with full force. More than half of the Ukrainian refugees who arrive in the Nordic countries seek protection in Norway. Norway will continue to provide support for Ukrainians, but is imposing more restrictions to bring the level of arrivals closer to that of the Nordic countries.

  • Web TV Foreign ministers from Middle East, Nordic region and Benelux countries in Oslo Friday 15 for high-level meeting on Gaza

    Broadcast 15/12/2023, 16:00

    ‘I look forward to bringing these countries together for an open and frank discussion about the war in Gaza. While the countries that will be taking part in the meeting are affected to varying degrees, they all share a deep concern about the people of Gaza. There is an urgent need to stop the war and bring an end to the enormous suffering in Gaza,’ said Minister of Foreign Affairs Espen Barth Eide.

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