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  • Agreement on Swedish expansion of the certificate system

    Press release Date: 2017-04-21

    The Norwegian and Swedish Governments have agreed that Sweden can extend the certificate scheme with a new goal of 18 TWh new renewable electricity in 2030.

  • A strategy to promote peaceful, innovative and sustainable development in the Arctic

    Press release Date: 2017-04-21

    ‘Growth in North Norway is higher than in the rest of the country and benefits Norway as a whole. The Government will step up its overall efforts in the north, to make North Norway one of our most innovative and sustainable regions,’ said Prime Minister Erna Solberg. It is also an important message in the Arctic strategy, which was presented in Bodø, in North Norway, today.

  • The future course of Norwegian foreign and security policy

    Press release Date: 2017-04-21

    The Government will intensify European cooperation and redouble its efforts in unstable areas to the south and east of Europe, while maintaining and further developing its transatlantic cooperation. These are some of the main conclusions in the Government's white paper on Norwegian foreign and security policy, which was launched today.

  • Intensified Norwegian efforts in fragile states

    Press release Date: 2017-04-21

    The Government will increase Norway's efforts and presence in unstable countries and areas in Europe's southern neighbourhood. Norway is establishing two new embassies in the region, in Mali and Tunisia.

  • Norway willing to shoulder its share of responsibility for security in Europe

    Press release Date: 2017-04-21

    The Government intends to put Norway forward for chairmanship of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe in 2020.

  • Changes among the state secretaries

    Press release Date: 2017-04-21

    In today’s session of the Council of State, the King has appointed Ms. Sunniva Ihle Steinstad, head of communication, as state secretary to Prime Minister Erna Solberg. At the same time, State Secretary Julie Margrethe Brodtkorb has been honourably discharged from her office.

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  • Web TV

    Donor conference in Oslo for Nigeria and Lake Chad region on 24 February

    Broadcast 2017-02-24, 14:10

    Norway, together with Nigeria, Germany and UN Ocha will host an international donor conference in Oslo on 24 February. ‘A major humanitarian crisis is unfolding in Nigeria and the Lake Chad region. This crisis has been largely overlooked. We are therefore seeking to mobilise greater international involvement and increased funding for humanitarian efforts to prevent the situation from deteriorating further,’ said Minister of Foreign Affairs Børge Brende.

  • Web TV Media advisory for the Oslo Humanitarian Conference on Nigeria and the Lake Chad Region

    Broadcast 2017-02-24, 13:00

    Norway is co-hosting the Oslo Humanitarian Conference on 24 February, together with Germany, Nigeria and the UN. The deadline for applications for media accreditation is 21 February.

  • Web TV Colombia

    Broadcast 2016-12-13, 14:00

    NEWS: High level event Tuesday Dec 13th in Oslo: "Colombia: Climate Change, Peace and Forests." Watch live stream on this page! Vea el evento "Colombia: Paz, Cambio Climático y Bosques"

  • Web TV Conference: The impact of fiscal policy on the economy

    Broadcast 2016-12-13, 12:00

    The Ministry of Finance’s advisory panel on macroeconomic models and methods hosts a conference on the impact of fiscal policy on the economy, on Tuesday 13th December.

  • Web TV Making peace in practice

    Broadcast 2016-06-06, 15:00

    Foreign Minister Børge Brende and the UN invite you to meet some of the top experts on peace negotiations and discuss how to make peace in practice.

  • Web TV Webcast: World No Tobacco day

    Broadcast 2016-05-31, 09:00

    We now see a global domino effect in implementing plain packaging of tobacco products. WHO launches this year’s World No Tobacco Day from Oslo Tuesday, 31 May.

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