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  • Awards in the 24. licensing round

    Press release Date: 2018-06-18

    Today the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy is awarding 12 new licenses in 47 blocks on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. Nine of the licenses are located in the Barents Sea, while three are located in the Norwegian Sea.

  • Positive development in the Afghanistan conflict during Eid

    Press release Date: 2018-06-16

    ‘I applaud the parties to the conflict for a ceasefire which has been successful so far, and wish all Afghans a happy Eid. It is now important to turn the trust that has been created into a willingness to reach a lasting peace,’ said Minister of Foreign Affairs Ine Eriksen Søreide.

  • Development is more than aid

    Press release Date: 2018-06-15

    ‘Over the years, Norwegian aid has been spread too thinly, both geographically and thematically. If we are to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals and make the best possible use of our aid funds, we must concentrate our efforts,’ said Minister of International Development Nikolai Astrup.

  • Change among the political advisers

    Press release Date: 2018-06-13

    The Office of the Prime Minister has appointed Ms. Karine Skaret as political adviser to Minister of Agriculture and Food Jon Georg Dale as of 20 June 2018. Ms. Skaret resigns as political adviser to Minister of the Elderly and Public Health Åse Michaelsen.

  • Norway opens for continued USMC rotational training and exercises

    Press release Date: 2018-06-13

    – The Norwegian government has decided to welcome continued USMC rotational training and exercises in Norway, with a volume of up to a total of 700 marines, initially for a period of up to five years, says Minister of Defence Frank Bakke-Jensen.

  • Norway requests WTO dispute settlement consultations with the United States

    Press release Date: 2018-06-12

    'In Norway's view, the additional tariffs imposed by the US on steel and aluminium imports are a violation of the WTO rules. Today we have therefore requested dispute settlement consultations with the US in the WTO. The WTO and its dispute settlement system is the established forum for handling disagreements about trade policy,' said Minister of Foreign Affairs Ine Eriksen Søreide.

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Speeches and statements

  • Statement at conference on human rights

    Speech/statement Date: 2018-06-18

    Minster of Foreign Affairs Ms. Ine Eriksen Søreide's statement at the conference «The Universal Declaration of Human Rights at 70. Human Rights and Inclusive citizenship: Conditions for Co-existence in Conflict-Ridden Societies”.

  • Oceans

    Speech/statement Date: 2018-06-11

    Minister of International Development Nikolai Astrup's keynote speech at the Eat Stockholm Food Forum 2018.

  • G7 Outreach Session

    Speech/statement Date: 2018-06-09

    - The world’s growing population will need more food, medicines, energy, and minerals. If managed wisely, the oceans hold the key to meeting these needs, said Prime Minister Erna Solberg in her statement at the G7 Outreach Session on Ocean in Charlevoix in Canada 9 June 2018.

  • Statement at the Oslo Center's annual seminar

    Speech/statement Date: 2018-06-07

    State Secretary Jens Frølich Holte's statement at the annual seminar at the Oslo Center for peace, democracy and human rights.

  • Address on skills for young people

    Speech/statement Date: 2018-06-07

    State Secretary Jens Frølich Holte's address at the seminar “Skills for young people for the 21st century: policy implications across sectors and gender”. - by Brookings Institution, Christian Michelsen Institute (CMI) and the University of Oslo.

  • Speech on World Environment Day 2018

    Speech/statement Date: 2018-06-07

    Held at Nydalsdammen, Akerselva. Pep-talk at the Akereselva World Environment Day Clean-Up event, Tuesday June 5th, 2018.

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Broadcasts and video

  • Web TV

    Sustainable migration from poor to rich countries.

    Broadcast 2018-06-21, 09:00

    Towards a new refugee and migration system?

  • Web TV New regulation on monetary policy

    Broadcast 2018-03-02, 13:30

    The King in Council has today issued a new regulation on monetary policy. The new regulation modernises the regulation issued in 2001.

  • Web TV Meeting with Peace Prize winner ICAN

    Broadcast 2017-12-11, 08:50

    Prime Minister Erna Solberg will meet the Nobel Peace Prize laureate 2017, ICAN, on Monday 11 December.

  • Web TV The F-35 aircraft marks the start of a new era for the Norwegian Armed Forces

    Broadcast 2017-11-10, 13:15

    The F-35 remains crucial to the continued modernization of our Armed Forces and our ability to preserve Norwegian and allied security and interests. The Government marked the procurement with a ceremony at Ørland Air Base November 10th. – Today, we are marking an important milestone in the development of Norway’s defence capabilities: The arrival in Norway of the first F-35 Lightning II jets, says Prime Minister Erna Solberg.

  • Web TV Conference: Working Together for a Strong Civil Society in Europe

    Broadcast 2017-06-06, 09:30

    Through the EEA and Norway Grants, Norway contributes to strengthening the civil society sector in Europe. What has been achieved so far and which opportunities are available for Norwegian actors to get involved in partnership projects?

  • Web TV The use of Technology in Identity Verification

    Broadcast 2017-06-01, 09:00

    European Migration Network Norway’s National Conference, Thursday 1 June 2017.

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