Ministry of Health and Care Services

The Ministry of Health and Care Services (HOD) is responsible for providing good and equal health and care services for the population of Norway. The ministry directs these services by means of a comprehensive legislation, annual budgetary allocations and through various governmental institutions.


The Government proposes to make it easier to change legal gender

The Ministry of Health and Care Services has published a consultation paper proposing to make it easier to change legal gender. Individuals will no longer be required to undergo medical treatment to change their gender in the National Registry (legal gender).

An injection of the trial vaccine for Ebola. Photo: ©2015 Sean Hawkey, all rights reserved

Results from Norwegian-led Ebola vaccine trials ‘very promising’

The preliminary results of a Norwegian-led study in Guinea indicate that the first effective Ebola vaccine may have been successfully developed.

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National health preparedness plan

The aim of the national health preparedness plan is to provide a comprehensive overview of the health and care sector’s preparedness, including preparedness for various social services. The plan constitutes the basis for how the health sector handles all types of crises and disasters.


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