The Norwegian National Strategy for Rare Diagnoses

The National strategy for rare diagnoses is the Ministry of Health and Care Services’ strategy on how to equip specialist health services and municipal health and care services to address current and future challenges for people with rare diagnoses, diseases and conditions.

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This strategy primarily encompasses services that fall under the Ministry of Health and Care Services’ areas of responsibility. The main objective of the strategy is to ensure that all people who are born with or later develop a rare diagnosis or disorder have equal access
to a high-quality assessment, diagnostics, treatment and follow-up.

For many conditions, this would require more knowledge and research, as well as a better organisation, coordination, and customisation of measures based on patient needs and a clarification of responsibilities. This strategy highlights several issues related to assessment, treatment and follow-up, and it identifies objectives that can help health services provide care that is better adapted to user needs.

The strategy is based on what is already in place and what can be improved. The goal is to create patient-centred health and care services with equal access to high-quality services. Based on feedback from service users and health professionals, this strategy focuses on different objectives that must be achieved to improve services for the patient group.